Monday, December 10, 2012

Open Thread

Who knew Mike Spada's man boobs would attract us such a large audience. Our numbers have spiked significantly. We welcome you! As we look to expand our lampooning of truth mixed with a little bit of satire. Here is an open thread, what's going on in Ulster politics?! Whatya hearing? We wanna know the dirty little details. Leave them in our comments section.


  1. A lot of the higher up Dems want Vic Work out as elections commish...

  2. Mike Hein is still perfect in every way.

  3. I hear that John Morrow and Chris Hendrick are on the outs with Quigs, we hear Morrow plans to run for Supervisor.

    1. i hear that john morrow doesnt know which way the door swings anymore. poor boy

  4. 7:06 - it's more like Kitchen doesn't know which way the door swings....Quigs is making him deputy supervisor to bring him back into the fold...he was getting too close to Morrow and Hendrick, and Quigs needs him on his side. Now he knows Kitchen will be loyal to him.

  5. I am hearing all kinds of rumors of challengers this year. Quigley, Town Board, Maloney, Judge. Any and all of offices.
    Some old and some new Democrats are being approached to get back in the saddle. There are players who are getting antsy and smell blood. They are very afraid of the people involved who are attempting a Quigley coupe. There are people in the Republican party who are sick of the bullies running the party and want the old guard gone and want nothing to do with who is starting the trouble. They see a better chance of getting things back in line with moderate Democrats and the non enrolled. There are a lot of both of them in Ulster.

    To ease some worries, Woerner and his dysfunctional crowd are not involved.