Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The staff at Ulster Insider is reallly bored with the political season this year. Town races are not up this year and the Gibson/Schreibman race is nothing that we are really excited about. We expect Gibson to win in a landslide.

Speaking of Congress, our own Congressman Maurice Hinchey was given a very prestigious award from the Woodstock film festival-- Our Congressman was honored with the spirit of Woodstock award for his life long advocacy of the arts.

On a county level we hear Mike Hein had a very successful birthday party, while our staff were unable to attend we hear about 250 people were there. 

Our Assemblyman Kevin Cahill is running unopposed, the staff at Ulster Politics are a little disappointed with Cahill. What happened to the guy in 98 that was full of life and boundless energy, now Kev is just content to be an Assemblyman and it disappoints us. C'mon Kevin, where is the fire? 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sup. Quigs to DA

"District attorneys have their own way of prosecuting cases," he said. "Some prosecute in the newspapers; some prosecute in court."

ouch!! Temper Temper Supervisor Paterno, do you see your hopes of being Executive fading??? Rumor has it Quigs is telling anyone who will listen he may end up in front of a grand jury answering questions, well I sure hope the District Attorney does not read the Record! Gadzooookss!!!

Supervisor Quigley or Supervisor Paterno?

Supervisor Jim Quigley is in a politically pickle, pardon our pun,  over what he did or did not know when he appointed disgraced Police Chief Taggard  shortly after taking office in 2010. Taggard was recently placed on PAID leave by the Ulster Town Board after being arrested by state police on charges of official misconduct. While the charges allege that Taggard did not report abuse that he had knowledge of, there are rumors that much more serious charges may be coming down the road. Sources tell Ulster Insider that Taggard was charged quickly with the minor misconduct charge to get him out as Chief. Getting people to speak out against a sitting Chief can be very intimidating.

Taggard who was Quigley's inside man during his 09 race for town Supervisor was rewarded handsomely by Quigs, Taggard was appointed Chief after Chief Watzka was forced out. Taggard was also promoted over than Deputy Chief Sinagra who was much more qualified. Many Ulster police officers retired after Taggard's appointment. Rumors of Taggard's questionable relationships were well known throughout town for years, while nothing was ever proven you have to question why someone like Quigley with high political asperations would appoint this guy as his Chief of Police.

 As stated earlier, Taggard remains on paid leave. From what we have been told the votes to bring Taggard up on former charges by the town (which is required to take him off of a paid leave) are there but Supervisor Quigley aka Supervisor Paterno wont have any of it.

Why Mr. Supervisor? The people deserve to know!