Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quigs' Hypocricy

Note: Mr. Maloney please do not lick the screen, hun.

When Jim Quigley was running for Supervisor against Nick Woerner, part of the whisper campaign against Woerner was nepotism. The fact that Woerner employed his Aunt as his secretary became a campaign issue that Quigley used as a reason for change in Ulster. What did Quigley do when he got elected Supervisor? He appointed his sister to the job. If that's not hypocritical enough in his 2012 budget that was just approved, he gave his sister a Maloney size raise of a whopping 15%.

But after skimming through the budget a bit, this new position really takes the cake as far as Quigs' hypocrisy. A new budget director at a 21k salary has been approved. Are you kidding me? Why does Jim Quigley, the former CFO of a billion dollar company and self proclaimed watchdog need a budget officer? This is the guy that ran on being able to be a financial wizard in the town. What happened to the buck stops here? Guess that was shot down, no pun intended.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Supervisor Quigs Cutting off his Nuts to Spite his Face

Earlier this year we reported the story that our highfaluting Supervisor, Jim Quigley, was considering a run for state senate in the newly created 46th senate seat, rumor was that Dean Skelos and the state GOP leadership put a quick stop to it, their hand picked candidate George Amadore was going to be the Republican nominee and they told Quigley they would do whatever they had to, to make his life hell if he ran. And by rumor, we mean anyone that follows local politics even a little bit knows that's pretty much how it went down. Quigley put his tail between his legs and ran off, deciding not to run. 
Well this past Tuesday was election day and while there are absentees yet to be counted, it looks like George Amadore will lose to Cecilia Tkaczyk, in large part because of the absolute beating Amadore took in Ulster county. You can bet right now Jim Quigley is pretty pissed he pussied out of running because while he probably would not of won Ulster County, he would of been very competitive. This is not to inflate Quigs' head. He would of done better in Ulster County because he has run county wide and is known better here. Tkaczyk ran an extremly negative campaign which worked, specifically in Ulster county. Why? Pretty simple, it's a new senate seat, and the negative ads by Tkaczyk against Amadore, where really the first glimpse folks got of this guy. In essence, while the ads largly distorted Amadore's record, they became fact to many new voters unfamiliar with George Amadore. Amadore did not respond to these ads, which really was a big mistake on his part. 
Jim Quigley may have also hesitated from running because this is the four year anniversary of his first electoral run, where he was defeated by a slim margin in a huge Democratic year,  If not for Obama on the ballot in 2008, he may very well have become County Comptroller.  There is an even bigger reason why running for the senate was too much of a risk for Quigley. You see Quigs'  running for any office where the numbers of the race present a risk that he would lose (we hear he'll examine them to a science), would be too much of a risk for Quigley. Jim Quigley has a big ego and low self esteem, a bad combo for a politician to say the least, which is why, I never take it too seriously when I hear Quigs' name thrown around for higher office. Quigs puts his name out as a possible candidate, just so people will talk about him and stroke his ego. 

Sure he wants to run and has wet dreams of being Ulster County Exec but Quigley wont take the risk of losing, he desperately needs to present to the public this image of him being a political power player and lets face it he's got a long way to go. He got elected in a 2:1 Republican town and has not had a serious challenge since his 09' victory.  If Quigley wants to be the gop power player, he's got to play like one and take a risk, give up the Supervisor's gig and run for a real office. As scary as it sounds, had Quigley primaried Amadore and won, he probably would of become our Senator, sticking it to now soon to be former NYS Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos in the process.  Ah, Quigs, what could have been.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Few of Jim Maloney's Favorite Things

What is it with Ulster town officials and their cookies? But hey it could be worse, some former town officials were into the actual scouts!

I hear his Ulster Jeep doubles as a grave yard for old big mac boxes